Terms of service

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

By using the G Livelab App, you agree to these Terms of Service.

Age limit

Ordering alcohol products on the G Livelab App is made available for only persons 18 years and older.


The user selects the contents of the order and places the order in the G Livelab App.

Order confirmation and receipt

After ordering and payment, all receipts will be available in your App history.

Payment of the order

The payment of the order is made in the G Livelab App. The order is automatically charged from the user of the G Livelab App the moment the order is made. After placing the order, it cannot be cancelled by the user. With regard to card payments, Livelaboratorio Oy reserves the right to make a funds provision at the moment of placing the order. Should the card payment fail, an invoice can be sent to the user.

Saving customer data

The information of the customer will be saved to the customer and marketing register of Livelaboratorio Oy. The description of the file with regard to data being stored to the customer and marketing register is made available in the G Livelab App.

Delivery, collecting and claiming of the order

The order will be delivered to your table, seat or otherwise designated place at G Livelab restaurant. The restaurant is obliged to retain undeliverable orders made via G Livelab App for 60 minutes after the order is placed.

Event Cancellation

If an event is cancelled the user will be reimbursed for the ticket price as G Livelab Credits. Alternatively, the user may request a reimbursement of the funds according to the payment method used.


G Livelab and its partners are committed to delivering the products and services in accordance with the order. Should there appear any faults in the order, we kindly request to contact our customer service personnel.

The manufacturer of the outsourced food order

The orders for outsourced food are forwarded to the G Livelab partner chosen by the user. The chosen G Livelab partner prepares the products being ordered and the products will be delivered to the restaurant by a food runner service provided by the restaurant G Livelab.


Ordering and payment of alcoholic beverages at the restaurant G Livelab is possible using the G Livelab App. The restaurant G Livelab is duly licensed to serve alcoholic beverages. Each separate decision to sell alcohol is made by the responsible manager of the restaurant G Livelab or his/her substitute and they may refuse to sell alcohol to any user of the G Livelab App if the requirements of the Finnish Alcohol Act are not met. The price of alcoholic beverages is charged via the payment method chosen by the user of the G Livelab App.

G Livelab Credits

The users of the G Livelab App may earn G Livelab Credits, by e.g. inviting new users to sign up to the G Livelab App. It is in the sole discretion of Livelaboratorio Oy to determine the how Credits are earned and for how long they are valid. Credits can also be purchased through the G Livelab App. Credits are redeemed with a code and can be used as a payment method in the App, but they are not transferrable to cash. Should Livelaboratorio Oy detect an abuse of Credits, it has the right to remove said Credits and charge the total amount of a placed order from the user.

Removing a user from the Service

Should a user misuse the G Livelab App or cause any harm or detriment to the use of the G Livelab App or to the G Livelab App partners, the owner of the G Livelab App reserves the right to remove the user from the G Livelab App with immediate effect.

Amendments to the Terms of Service

The G Livelab App Terms of Service may be subject to amendments. The user of the G Livelab App should cease using the G Livelab App if he/she does not agree to the amended Terms of Service.

Last updated 25 Apr 2016

Description of data protection

This description of data protection includes also the Description of File of the customer and marketing register of Livelaboratorio Oy (hereinafter “the Company”).


Livelaboratorio Oy (Business ID: 2704602-5)
Contact information: Livelaboratorio Oy
Pieni Roobertinkatu 16, 00120 Helsinki
Contact person:  Tanja Douglass
Mobile: +358-44-0223007

Name of the register

The customer and marketing register of Livelaboratorio Oy.

The purpose for processing personal data

Personal data is being used for running, maintaining and developing the business of the Controller. In addition, the personal data is used for customer communication including marketing within the Company’s services.

Content of the register

Basic customer information: first and last name, personal identification code, e-mail address, telephone number, address, postal code and post office, payment information, information collected from social media profiles and permissions for marketing.
Information arising from or related to maintaining the customer relationship, such as information on marketing and customer service activities.

Regular sources of information

Personal data is submitted by the registered user.


The web services of the Company use cookies. Cookies are being used to keep track of the visiting users and to enhance the quality of the services.

Regular destinations of disclosed data and transfer of data outside the European Union and the European Economic Area

Personal data may be disclosed to service partners if it is necessary for using the service. In addition, personal data may be disclosed in situations where the Controller is obliged to do so under applicable mandatory legislation.
Personal data may be transferred outside the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Securing the data

The register is protected by technical and organizational means. The servers and systems, in which the data is being stored at, are secured by firewalls, passwords and other technical measures. The access to personal data is granted only if it is necessary for the processing of the information. All of the persons processing the data are bound by the duty of secrecy. The card information used for payment is saved and secured by Payment Highway, which is PCI DSS audited card payment service produced by Solinor Oy. Livelaboratorio Oy does not have access to card information.

Rights of a registered user

A registered user shall have the right of access to the his/her data in a personal data file. In addition, the a registered user has the right to request correcting or erasing of erroneous, unnecessary, incomplete or obsolete data on him/her.
With regard to personal data, a registered user may prohibit the Controller from using the said data for the purposes of direct advertising.
The aforementioned requests shall be made via the G Livelab App or sent to the following email or postal address:  info@livelaboratorio.fi  Livelaboratorio Oy, Pieni Roobertinkatu 16, 00120 Helsinki

Updated 25.4.2016